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We did some (well a lot) of investigating once we realized how our mainstream media was misleading and in some cases outright lying to us. Then we were sucked deeper into social media censorship despite our efforts to step away until we felt obliged to share with everyone who doesn’t have the time to do the research on the topic. While we had our reservations, once we took the time to watch President Trumps round table in Texas on June 11, 2020 we were shocked and dismayed at what the mainstream media chose to report about it.While listening we were very impressed with the plan that went far beyond just addressing the issues with policing. Coming from a background of dealing with disadvantaged people, we saw the plan as a real way to actually afford change for the minority communities in the USA. The plan layed out 4 initiatives. 1. Economic Development in Minority Communities. Increase Capitol for minority owners. We know very well that poverty is a huge driver of crime. Not the only driver, but a big one, so any plan that helps people rise out of povert is bound to help decrease crime. To us this seems like a pretty awesome initiative!2. Address healthcare disparities in minority communities. Invest in minority serving medical institutes. Sounds to me like this initiative is designed to bring the minority healthcare situation into alignment with healthcare across the country. Again, I cannot see what’s not to praise in this initiative!3. Encourage police to meet the most current professional standards including additional training in de-escalation techniques. It would also introduce pilot projects that would have social workers join police and work together. Now, the only thing I can say against this initiative is that I would change the word encourage to require. That part of this initiative that could be worded better, but the meaning behind the initiative is still absolutely fantastic! Having social workers at a scene to assist police in dealing with any person is a good thing. 3. School of Choice. Now I am a product of school of choice as my parents chose to send us to a school other than what we were assigned to as per our physical address, so I was a bit surprised that this is still not an option in the USA. The objective is that if you start losing students at your school because they choose to go somewhere else to get a better education you are likely to pull up your socks and offer a better education so people want to send their kids to your school. I cannot weigh in on how well that will work, but I can weigh in on the fact that I believe everyone should be able to have the choice of where to go to school. And I don’t buy that this will only help the rich. We grew up far from rich. More like on the edge of poverty. But I am extremely grateful for my education. So, let’s move along to what the media had to say about the round table……. headline of the event read: Trump Touts Economy as Racial-Justice Fix, Snubs Police Overhaul. Well it’s not a lie, but let’s face it, bringing minority communities to the same economic prosperity as non minority communities is going to go a long way toward making minority people feel equal. I think it addresses fixing the root problems that make minority communities have the image of being lesser than non minority communities instead of putting a bandage on the problem hoping the festering magically stops. But I guess to some, the only acceptable solution to the murder of George Floyd is to completely dismantle the police and hope we can get something into place before gangs and thugs take over the country. Come on. The entire force is not corrupt! More training and initiatives to give the police additional help in the form of social workers is an awesome solution that can actually make a positive difference. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit the narrative this paper is pushing, and this is certainly not the spin they put on the round table initiatives. And it’s not just Bloomberg. Don’t believe me? Please take a moment to review the letters from  Ariana Pekary (MSNBC)  and Bari Weiss (New York Times)  Both could no longer continue push the narrative they were being required to push and chose to stand against the current media rhetoric. They made the difficult decision to resign their positions and give up their incomes instead of continue pushing a nonpartisan narrative. Now the above three publications all receive a “trustworthy” vote from the media over watch rating company newsguard. Newsguard provides you an extension that you can put on your computer that gives a rating to any news page you are on, but as you can see from these ladies as well as the Trump round table, they are not giving the news so much as telling their opinion of the news. For another example check out this video from Tim Pool who is often on the edge of being censored because he isn’t being silent about what the mainstream media is doing., “trusted” news sources are shown to be manipulating the truth for their own purposes. And then let’s talk about social media. How come certified medical doctors are being deplatformed, demonized and deleted for daring to stand up and say they have been using a drug that already exists and is inexpensive successfully to treat COVIC 19? You have to ask yourself who would have a problem with that information being shared. others are starting to stand up and share that this information is not false as well. NYC Councilman Paul Vallone is among the first to stand up against the push against hydroxychloroquine. I pray many more start to stand up as well. Even if it is not perfect, there is very little doubt it is helping, if only you are allowed to use it! And we remove doctors and the president for supposed misinformation that’s only crime is going against the fear and division campaign to keep us locked in our homes until a vaccine can be produced. However, death threats against girl making teddy bears in memory of police officers are ok. it’s apparently okay to be on the receiving end of hate if you dare go against the WOKE rhetoric.
Don’t get me wrong. I care greatly about black lives. However, I cannot get behind the self proclaimed Marxist group called Black Lives Matter.There is a nefarious something going on and the only purpose of this post is to encourage you to question what you are reading. I liken it to this. If you are on the verge of losing your home because you can’t make the mortgage payment and someone comes along and makes it for you, you are not likely to go against anything they tell you.The same is true for every media outlet. They are going to push the agenda of whomever is funding them. And really, who wouldn’t?The only time you are going to avoid this is by going to a source that promises not to censor. Now you might say, “but then I have no idea if I am getting fake news or not.” But let’s face it. The only way to get any story you can trust right now is to follow the story to its source and ferret the truth out on your own. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using. To that end, we have joined a couple of new platform with that non censorship promise. Feel free to check them out for yourself. Parler for your Facebook equivalent and Lbry for your YouTube content.
Please question everything you read. Just because it’s a Newsguard trusted source does not ensure you aren’t being mislead. 
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