Let The Celebration Begin: Celebrating Christmas in Mexico, Much Bigger Than a Day

The Celebration starts on December 16 and every day there is a new celebration! Here is just a couple of the celebrations in Taxco. From parades to piñatas, parties and more, the fun is just beginning.

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You Can Make Location Independent Income And Live Anywhere: Make Money In Mexico

He was able to escape from Australia because he made this location independent business, and now he is teaching others how to make an income that is residual and can be done anywhere in the world. You can learn to make money in Mexico and around the world. Are you interested in learning more about this opportunity and how you can make money ? Matt has made a special offer for our viewers, so click the Lechman link for a special 50% discount off the regular price!

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Banking in Mexico as an Expat: What You Need to Know

In this video we are covering everything you need to know about banking in Mexico as an expat. If you are here in a visitor visa or as a resident, you will learn what you need to know. From General banking information about Mexico banks to choosing a bank in Mexico. From everything you might need to open a bank account in Mexico to other options you might have outside of the regular options. Menu: General information: 2:23:22 Choosing a Bank 6:59:05 Opening an Account 11:31:06 Other Options 14:27:21

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