Surgery In Mexico Without Insurance

Andrew came to Mexico and needed to have hernia surgery but he didn't have insurance. This is his experince with having surgery in Mexico without insurance.

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The Great Reset is Coming: Protect Your Money And Get It Out of The Bank

Schedule your appointment to see how Tammy can help you.... Join us as we talk to Tammy Thrasher for ways and options where she can help you protect your money from the great reset. She is sharing with us 4 options that will allow you to get your money out of the bank and not only preserve it but grow it despite the plan for you to own nothing.

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Is Your Money Safe Now? Can You Leave It In The Bank?

Is your money safe now or is it likely to be seized in the future? What does history tell us will likely happen again? What should you do with your money if you are going to take it out of the bank? Join us to see the answers to those questions. Adelaide National Review: Independent Sentinal:

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