We’re All Good At Heart, Aren’t We?

In our inclusive environment we are encouraged to believe that everyone is generally good. At heart we are all good. What does the bible say about that?

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Is it Digital ID; This RFC That Mexico Demands Everyone Get?

We are dipping into our viewer questions bucket and talking about the RFC requirement that Mexico is enforcing. Is it a Digital ID? What other documents will you need now as a foreigner? And Darrell weighs in on the three things this new disease is distracting you from. Here are the links to the instructions on documents you need to apply for:

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Nothing is More Important Than This At The 75th World Health Assembly

Without a doubt we are being distracted by all kinds of different things. There is nothing more important for any country in the world right now than to pay attention to what is being voted on at the 75th World Health Assembly. Who do you want running your country? An unelected private entity or your chosen elected officials? If not, you need to speak up now because if you do not, your country will lose its sovereignty. For our Spanish speaking friends...

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