About Cuernavaca

Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” by Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century,  and located in the second smallest state of Mexico called Morales, is Cuarnavarca. Cuernavaca is the Capital of Morelos and as such houses the state government as well as the municipal seat for the municipality of Cuernavaca.

As that nickname would suggest, this is the place to go if you are looking for mild temperatures.  The hottest month is April where the average high temp is 27°C or 80°F and the coldest month is January with average highs of 22°C or 71°F.

It is located on the southern slope of the Sierra de Chichinautzin mountains south of Mexico City.  At one time Aztec emperors had summer residences in Cuernavaca. And through the years, wealthy North Americans and Europeans added their vacation homes. Some frequently traveled back and forth and some of their children have stayed in Cuernavaca  permanently, creating a community and unique culture of natives with international roots. Today many of the vacationers are residents of Mexico City. But due to its close proximity, many residents not only have vacation homes, but live in Cuernavaca and commute the 1.5 hour trip to Mexico city for work.

If you look on social media you can find expat groups with over 400 people so if you are considering Cuernavaca as a place to expat, you will not be alone.

Originally called Cuauhnáhuac, dating back to the 12th century,  the name evolved over time to Cuernavaca when many of the people coming to the area were like me and had trouble pronouncing the name correctly. It means surrounded by, or close to trees.

The Spanish flu came to Cuernavaca In 1918, the flu and consequent mask use (according to a 2008 report by Dr Fauci) wiped out most of the inhabitants, dropping the population to only 3,000 survivors before it was over. It quickly rebounded though, to 12,799 by May of 1920.

In 1937, president  Lazaro Cardenas designated the municipality of  Cuernavaca  to be a Forest Protection Zone. You can see the results of this every time you look around as the area is lush with vegetation.

Tourism kickstarted the commercial development and is a big part of the economy and in addition, Cuernavaca´s economy is based on tobacco, cement,soft drinks, paper, sugar mills and corn. 

But that is not all.  There are 14 universities in Cuernavaca, and it is considered a great place to study abroad, so if you are looking for further education, put Cuernavaca on your list of considerations.

There are many places you are going to want to visit in Cuernavaca. For the history buffs, there is Teopanzoloco.  You will find it just east of the historic downtown. The September 19, 2017 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico and killed 4 people in Cuernavaca also revealed that the original dating of the ruins of 1427 was incorrect. Turns out they were really built between 1500 and 1200 AD.

Remember Jose de la Borda?  The man who built the Santa Prisca church in Taxco?  In Cuernavaca he had a home where his son satisfied his passion for botany by turning the grounds into gardens filled with flowers and fruit trees. Today, you can tour Borda Gardens that tout the first mango trees in what was then New Spain.

For those with an interest in herbal medicine, just south of the city center you will find the Museum of Traditional and Herbal Medicine and the Ethnicbotanical garden which includes exhibits of 800 species of plants organized by uses, such as the making of textiles, animal feed, condiments, ritual, etc. 
In addition, you can visit the Children’s ¨kite¨museum, the Chapultepec Ecological Park, the The Chapitel del Calvario, The Palace of Cortes, The Cuernavaca Cathedral, and many other museums, parks and monuments. 

With a population of 378,467 in the city proper, once you include the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca, in 2021 it boasts a  population of 1,091,000 and an impressive growth rate around 3% over the last two years.

In Cuernavaca you will find large malls with all the big stores you see in big cities.  When we were there we stopped by the mall but did not stay long because of the restrictions and procedures typical of many foreign owned businesses.

You can find Sam´s Club, Walmart and Home Depot.  McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, so if you are looking for a place with all the conveniences of a major City, you will want to put Cuernavaca on your list for considerations to move to.

From ancient ruins and architecture to modern conveniences, Cuernavaca gives you some of everything to keep you entertained.

When we went to the local markets we noticed that though there were procedures in place for entry, once you were inside, it was personal choice and very relaxed.

Technology square is the place to if you need to replace your computer or any electronics in Mexico. 

We had them build us a computer and we will tell you all about it including what we learned not to do in another video, so make sure you subscribe and ring the notification bell so you are notified when that video is released.

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Hotel Acapulco Amor (read)

Located in Old Acapulco, we have to admit that our initial impression of Hotel Acapulco Amor was less than stellar. 

The area surrounding the hotel looked a bit rough, but in the end we did not have any issues parking on the street.  Our vehicle wasn´t bothered, and we didn´t feel unsafe walking from our car to the hotel at any time, even at 2am.

When we arrived at the hotel to check in the staff was very friendly and accommodating.

They gave us the keys and let us go up and inspect the rooms before we even checked in.

Remember when I said our initial impression wasn´t  great? Well it seemed a little dingy.  In need of some repair.  When I opened the closet to look at it, the ceiling was falling in.  On the other hand, thorough inspection of the mattress came up clean, and the bathrooms were more modern and also very clean.

Since we were only staying one night, and therefore wouldn´t be needing the closet, and since everything was clean, we decided to take the plunge and stay.  We are really glad we made that decision because our impression of the hotel only went up from there.

In fact, as soon as we told them about the ceiling falling they had someone up there cleaning it up, before we ever even made the commitment to stay.

The common areas are all open air and as a result do not have air conditioning.  However, each of the rooms has their own air conditioning unit and they work extremely well.  Just note that it will not be on when you check in so the room will need to be cooled down. It only takes about 10 minutes for it to cool off nicely.

The rooms do not come with a fridge, but if you need one you can request it and they will accommodate if they have one available.  We requested ahead when we booked and they brought it right up for us once we chose our room.

At night, the gate at the front entrance is closed and the staff lets you in when you ring the doorbell making it a safe environment.

One of the best things about this site is that they respect personal choice in regards to health protocol.  We find this to be the case most often when the business is Mexican based or owned.

The other thing we found incredible and unique is the fact that we were able to use the pool 24 hours. So, when we were done exploring Old Acapulco and made our way back to the hotel, we were welcome to a 3am cool off swim before we headed off to bed.

The showers have great water pressure and lots of hot water, though you might not want the hot water with the heat of Acapulco.

But we do have to note that one thing we have learned, in every place we have stayed since we moved to Mexico, is that they do not provide wash cloths.  Hand towels, bath towels, floor mats yes, but you might want to pack your own face cloth.

As for the sleep, it was fantastic.  The hotel was quiet and the beds comfortable and they provided plugs at the end table for those of us who have to carry extra things like CPAP machines.

Though the start was rough, we ended up being very happy with our stay.

Our room cost $600 pesos per night witch works out to $38 CAD or $30 USD

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Expat Schooling Options (read)

Ep 93- Acapulco On A Budget

When it comes to schooling in Mexico you have 4 options to choose from.  

We are going to tell you a little bit about each option today so that you know what they are and  be able to research from there what will work best for your family.


First a little bit about school in general. Like many countries,  you have kindergarten and then three levels. 

Primeria or primary from ages  6-12, grades 1-6, 

secundaria or junior high from ages 12-15, grades 7-9 and 

prepatoria or high school grades 10-12 for ages 15-18. 

Of course from there you can go on to college or university etc, but for the purpose of this video we are going to address kindergarten to grade 12.


The first option we are going to look at is public school. Public schools are secular, free of charge and will only be in Spanish. 


If your child is bilingual or entering school in kindergarten this could be a viable option, but you must know that many public schools are underfunded, especially in rural areas so that could very well affect the quality of education.  

You will want to do your homework on the school in your area to determine whether it is a good fit for your family.


Public school will in some ways be different from what you are used to.  

For example, the school day will likely run from something like 8am to noon or 1pm.


If your child does not speak spanish some expat families will send them to public school half a day which will expose them to the language and the culture and then be homeschooled the other half of the day.


Speaking of homeschooling, just like in other countries, there are many different school boards you can choose to enroll with.  You will need to do some homework to determine which option is best for you.  


Prices will depend on which homeschool program you choose.


For myself, I homeschooled my children for 9 years.  I chose to go with School of Hope out of Alberta because they offered an accredited program and because I had no teaching experience and no knowledge of creating curriculum.  I made this choice because I thought if they ever wanted to or I was forced to transition them into the regular school system that the process would be less painful for everyone.  In the end that turned out to be the right decision, so you want to consider that when you are making your choice of programs to homeschool with.

The third option we are going to look at for schooling your children in Mexico is Private schools.

Private schools in Mexico are often located in larger centers, but that is not always the case.  


For example, Taxco has a private Catholic school.  


So, when you find a place you are interested in living,  do a search to see if there are any private schools in that town.


The other thing you want to do is to make sure the private school is accredited.  Like with homeschooling, it is possible that the private school is not, making the steps a little more onerous for your child if they change schools or decide to go on to college or university after high school.  So make sure you go in and check it out.


You might find a private school that offers immersion programs that teach in Spanish half the day and English the other half, but most of these schools will be located in or around Mexico City. 


Private school hours will run from approximately 8-2:30 for primaria and secundaria, and likely start half an hour to an hour earlier for preparatoria.

Tuition ranges from $3000 pesos/ month ($150 USD) ($190 CAD) to $4500 pesos/mo ($225 USD), ($285 CAD)


And the last option for schooling your children in Mexico is International schools.

ASOMEX or Association of American Schools in Mexico is a good starting point to find specific options.


The biggest thing you need to be aware of when it comes to International Schools is that they are very likely going to cost substantially more than the other options.  On the lower end there is Liceo Franco Mexicano at $15,000 pesos/mo ($750 USD) ($950 CAD) and at the high end, the American School Foundation $70,000 pesos/mo ($3500 USD) ($4400 CAD).

Most International Schools are located in either Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. 


The other thing you need to be aware of with the private and international schools is that these fees may or may not cover things like textbooks, uniforms or enrollment fees, so you will want to make sure to ask for those details from the school you are considering.


Once you choose the school option that is best for your family you will need the following documentation for enrollment.  Some schools may require more than this, for example a catholic school record of baptism, but all schools should require a minimum of this:

-Proof of completion of previous grade unless first entering kindergarten.

-Child’s birth certificate.

-Photo ID of both the child and the parent.


So there you have your options for schooling your children in Mexico.


We hope this helps to answer your questions so when you are making your choices to move to Mexico you have a head start on schooling options.

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The Truth About the Media Print


We did some (well a lot) of investigating once we realized how our mainstream media was misleading and in some cases outright lying to us. Then we were sucked deeper into social media censorship despite our efforts to step away until we felt obliged to share with everyone who doesn’t have the time to do the research on the topic. While we had our reservations, once we took the time to watch President Trumps round table in Texas on June 11, 2020 we were shocked and dismayed at what the mainstream media chose to report about it.While listening we were very impressed with the plan that went far beyond just addressing the issues with policing. Coming from a background of dealing with disadvantaged people, we saw the plan as a real way to actually afford change for the minority communities in the USA. The plan layed out 4 initiatives. 1. Economic Development in Minority Communities. Increase Capitol for minority owners. We know very well that poverty is a huge driver of crime. Not the only driver, but a big one, so any plan that helps people rise out of povert is bound to help decrease crime. To us this seems like a pretty awesome initiative!2. Address healthcare disparities in minority communities. Invest in minority serving medical institutes. Sounds to me like this initiative is designed to bring the minority healthcare situation into alignment with healthcare across the country. Again, I cannot see what’s not to praise in this initiative!3. Encourage police to meet the most current professional standards including additional training in de-escalation techniques. It would also introduce pilot projects that would have social workers join police and work together. Now, the only thing I can say against this initiative is that I would change the word encourage to require. That part of this initiative that could be worded better, but the meaning behind the initiative is still absolutely fantastic! Having social workers at a scene to assist police in dealing with any person is a good thing. 3. School of Choice. Now I am a product of school of choice as my parents chose to send us to a school other than what we were assigned to as per our physical address, so I was a bit surprised that this is still not an option in the USA. The objective is that if you start losing students at your school because they choose to go somewhere else to get a better education you are likely to pull up your socks and offer a better education so people want to send their kids to your school. I cannot weigh in on how well that will work, but I can weigh in on the fact that I believe everyone should be able to have the choice of where to go to school. And I don’t buy that this will only help the rich. We grew up far from rich. More like on the edge of poverty. But I am extremely grateful for my education. So, let’s move along to what the media had to say about the round table…….https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-11/trump-calls-for-economic-development-instead-of-police-overhaul Bloomberg.com headline of the event read: Trump Touts Economy as Racial-Justice Fix, Snubs Police Overhaul. Well it’s not a lie, but let’s face it, bringing minority communities to the same economic prosperity as non minority communities is going to go a long way toward making minority people feel equal. I think it addresses fixing the root problems that make minority communities have the image of being lesser than non minority communities instead of putting a bandage on the problem hoping the festering magically stops. But I guess to some, the only acceptable solution to the murder of George Floyd is to completely dismantle the police and hope we can get something into place before gangs and thugs take over the country. Come on. The entire force is not corrupt! More training and initiatives to give the police additional help in the form of social workers is an awesome solution that can actually make a positive difference. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit the narrative this paper is pushing, and this is certainly not the spin they put on the round table initiatives. And it’s not just Bloomberg. Don’t believe me? Please take a moment to review the letters from  Ariana Pekary (MSNBC) https://www.arianapekary.net/post/personal-news-why-i-m-now-leaving-msnbc  and Bari Weiss (New York Times) https://www.bariweiss.com/resignation-letter.  Both could no longer continue push the narrative they were being required to push and chose to stand against the current media rhetoric. They made the difficult decision to resign their positions and give up their incomes instead of continue pushing a nonpartisan narrative. Now the above three publications all receive a “trustworthy” vote from the media over watch rating company newsguard. Newsguard provides you an extension that you can put on your computer that gives a rating to any news page you are on, but as you can see from these ladies as well as the Trump round table, they are not giving the news so much as telling their opinion of the news. For another example check out this video from Tim Pool who is often on the edge of being censored because he isn’t being silent about what the mainstream media is doing. https://youtu.be/FtIiTJye2GkAgain, “trusted” news sources are shown to be manipulating the truth for their own purposes. And then let’s talk about social media. How come certified medical doctors are being deplatformed, demonized and deleted for daring to stand up and say they have been using a drug that already exists and is inexpensive successfully to treat COVIC 19? You have to ask yourself who would have a problem with that information being shared. https://open.lbry.com/@RichardHarrisCoaching:4/American-Doctors-Address-COVID-19-Misinformation-with-Capitol-Hill-Press-Conference:0?r=6BMvNvi8drvh15n8iYaRd56GA21bmhnuAnd others are starting to stand up and share that this information is not false as well. https://nypost.com/2020/08/08/nyc-councilman-credits-hydroxychloroquine-for-covid-19-recovery/. NYC Councilman Paul Vallone is among the first to stand up against the push against hydroxychloroquine. I pray many more start to stand up as well. Even if it is not perfect, there is very little doubt it is helping, if only you are allowed to use it! And we remove doctors and the president for supposed misinformation https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/5/21356510/twitter-trump-campaign-teamtrump-tweeting-tweet-covid-19-misinformation that’s only crime is going against the fear and division campaign to keep us locked in our homes until a vaccine can be produced. However, death threats against girl making teddy bears in memory of police officers are ok. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/teenager-and-her-family-getting-death-threats-for-supporting-law-enforcement/.And it’s apparently okay to be on the receiving end of hate if you dare go against the WOKE rhetoric. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8522933/BLM-supporters-post-hateful-messages-Facebook-mom-shot-dead-saying-lives-matter.html
Don’t get me wrong. I care greatly about black lives. However, I cannot get behind the self proclaimed Marxist group called Black Lives Matter.There is a nefarious something going on and the only purpose of this post is to encourage you to question what you are reading. I liken it to this. If you are on the verge of losing your home because you can’t make the mortgage payment and someone comes along and makes it for you, you are not likely to go against anything they tell you.The same is true for every media outlet. They are going to push the agenda of whomever is funding them. And really, who wouldn’t?The only time you are going to avoid this is by going to a source that promises not to censor. Now you might say, “but then I have no idea if I am getting fake news or not.” But let’s face it. The only way to get any story you can trust right now is to follow the story to its source and ferret the truth out on your own. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using. To that end, we have joined a couple of new platform with that non censorship promise. Feel free to check them out for yourself. Parler for your Facebook equivalent and Lbry for your YouTube content. https://parler.com/profile/Okcholdings/postshttps://open.lbry.com/@LifewithLechmans:1?r=6BMvNvi8drvh15n8iYaRd56GA21bmhnu
Please question everything you read. Just because it’s a Newsguard trusted source does not ensure you aren’t being mislead. 
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