Hotel Acapulco Amor (read)

Located in Old Acapulco, we have to admit that our initial impression of Hotel Acapulco Amor was less than stellar. 

The area surrounding the hotel looked a bit rough, but in the end we did not have any issues parking on the street.  Our vehicle wasn´t bothered, and we didn´t feel unsafe walking from our car to the hotel at any time, even at 2am.

When we arrived at the hotel to check in the staff was very friendly and accommodating.

They gave us the keys and let us go up and inspect the rooms before we even checked in.

Remember when I said our initial impression wasn´t  great? Well it seemed a little dingy.  In need of some repair.  When I opened the closet to look at it, the ceiling was falling in.  On the other hand, thorough inspection of the mattress came up clean, and the bathrooms were more modern and also very clean.

Since we were only staying one night, and therefore wouldn´t be needing the closet, and since everything was clean, we decided to take the plunge and stay.  We are really glad we made that decision because our impression of the hotel only went up from there.

In fact, as soon as we told them about the ceiling falling they had someone up there cleaning it up, before we ever even made the commitment to stay.

The common areas are all open air and as a result do not have air conditioning.  However, each of the rooms has their own air conditioning unit and they work extremely well.  Just note that it will not be on when you check in so the room will need to be cooled down. It only takes about 10 minutes for it to cool off nicely.

The rooms do not come with a fridge, but if you need one you can request it and they will accommodate if they have one available.  We requested ahead when we booked and they brought it right up for us once we chose our room.

At night, the gate at the front entrance is closed and the staff lets you in when you ring the doorbell making it a safe environment.

One of the best things about this site is that they respect personal choice in regards to health protocol.  We find this to be the case most often when the business is Mexican based or owned.

The other thing we found incredible and unique is the fact that we were able to use the pool 24 hours. So, when we were done exploring Old Acapulco and made our way back to the hotel, we were welcome to a 3am cool off swim before we headed off to bed.

The showers have great water pressure and lots of hot water, though you might not want the hot water with the heat of Acapulco.

But we do have to note that one thing we have learned, in every place we have stayed since we moved to Mexico, is that they do not provide wash cloths.  Hand towels, bath towels, floor mats yes, but you might want to pack your own face cloth.

As for the sleep, it was fantastic.  The hotel was quiet and the beds comfortable and they provided plugs at the end table for those of us who have to carry extra things like CPAP machines.

Though the start was rough, we ended up being very happy with our stay.

Our room cost $600 pesos per night witch works out to $38 CAD or $30 USD