About Us

Darrell and Susan

Darrell´s Story:

After spending 15 years as a guard in a maximum security penitentiary Darrell unleashed his Entrepreneurial spirit. Once he completed a successful stint with a tanning business he worked as the leader in a group home for troubled and violent youth.

After dealing with the constraints the system puts on youth who are struggling but trying to make their way to a healthy lifestyle, Darrell was led to start a charity to work with troubled youth and help them overcome their trials to become productive members of society. To that end he founded the Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming Inc. (SCYAP). In that charity he created the Urban Canvas Program that used art as a tool for personal development and redirection.

During the next 16 years he was able to help hundreds of youth redirect their lives.

While he was encompassed in working with youth, he found that he was fulfilled by that work and did not find the need to spend money on entertainment, so before long he found himself the owner of multiple rental properties and the base to provide for an early retirement and life of leisure.

In 2016 he turned the nonprofit over to two friends to continue the legacy.

Susan´s Story:

Susan grew up with a strictly religious background and like many rebelled once she was old enough to make her own decisions.

After being told at the age of 19 that if she did not have children right away she likely wouldn’t have any, that affected her decisions until she was married with two children.

After many twists and turns, triumphs and failures she found herself back in the arms of God.

Unfortunately that did not keep Susan from ending up a single Mom to her children.

She was blessed with a strong work ethic passed on from her father that allowed her to have a lucrative management career and to provide for her children without help from their father.

God also blessed her with two incredible kids who are now grown and make their mother proud.

Susan met Darrell when her youngest was in grade 11 and her oldest in her first year of university.

God brought Darrell into her life when she knew she needed to prepare for life after 8 years of encompassing her entire being with her children.

Our Story:

We met December 8, 2013 and that is the day our lives changed forever.

They meshed their plans together and continued to build the base of rental properties that would enable them to live a modest life of leisure without pensions.

We were married by the Premier of our province at the time, The Honorable Brad Wall on October, 11, 2016 and that day started our forever honeymoon, life of leisure and pursuit of good weather.

The next 4 years would see us spend 6 months in the USA and 6 months in Canada.

When we were forced to cut our USA portion short in 2020, we had no idea our stay in Canada would be stretched beyond summer and force us to spend another winter in a cold winter climate, so our focus turned to a permanent place to move.

On February 8, 2021 just before Canada’s Covid locking down of outgoing flights we boarded a plane to Mexico to begin our adventure as Mexicans. Follow our story as it continues from Taxco, Mexico. We share our journey with you.