About Cuernavaca

Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” by Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century,  and located in the second smallest state of Mexico called Morales, is Cuarnavarca. Cuernavaca is the Capital of Morelos and as such houses the state government as well as the municipal seat for the municipality of Cuernavaca.

As that nickname would suggest, this is the place to go if you are looking for mild temperatures.  The hottest month is April where the average high temp is 27°C or 80°F and the coldest month is January with average highs of 22°C or 71°F.

It is located on the southern slope of the Sierra de Chichinautzin mountains south of Mexico City.  At one time Aztec emperors had summer residences in Cuernavaca. And through the years, wealthy North Americans and Europeans added their vacation homes. Some frequently traveled back and forth and some of their children have stayed in Cuernavaca  permanently, creating a community and unique culture of natives with international roots. Today many of the vacationers are residents of Mexico City. But due to its close proximity, many residents not only have vacation homes, but live in Cuernavaca and commute the 1.5 hour trip to Mexico city for work.

If you look on social media you can find expat groups with over 400 people so if you are considering Cuernavaca as a place to expat, you will not be alone.

Originally called Cuauhnáhuac, dating back to the 12th century,  the name evolved over time to Cuernavaca when many of the people coming to the area were like me and had trouble pronouncing the name correctly. It means surrounded by, or close to trees.

The Spanish flu came to Cuernavaca In 1918, the flu and consequent mask use (according to a 2008 report by Dr Fauci) wiped out most of the inhabitants, dropping the population to only 3,000 survivors before it was over. It quickly rebounded though, to 12,799 by May of 1920.

In 1937, president  Lazaro Cardenas designated the municipality of  Cuernavaca  to be a Forest Protection Zone. You can see the results of this every time you look around as the area is lush with vegetation.

Tourism kickstarted the commercial development and is a big part of the economy and in addition, Cuernavaca´s economy is based on tobacco, cement,soft drinks, paper, sugar mills and corn. 

But that is not all.  There are 14 universities in Cuernavaca, and it is considered a great place to study abroad, so if you are looking for further education, put Cuernavaca on your list of considerations.

There are many places you are going to want to visit in Cuernavaca. For the history buffs, there is Teopanzoloco.  You will find it just east of the historic downtown. The September 19, 2017 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico and killed 4 people in Cuernavaca also revealed that the original dating of the ruins of 1427 was incorrect. Turns out they were really built between 1500 and 1200 AD.

Remember Jose de la Borda?  The man who built the Santa Prisca church in Taxco?  In Cuernavaca he had a home where his son satisfied his passion for botany by turning the grounds into gardens filled with flowers and fruit trees. Today, you can tour Borda Gardens that tout the first mango trees in what was then New Spain.

For those with an interest in herbal medicine, just south of the city center you will find the Museum of Traditional and Herbal Medicine and the Ethnicbotanical garden which includes exhibits of 800 species of plants organized by uses, such as the making of textiles, animal feed, condiments, ritual, etc. 
In addition, you can visit the Children’s ¨kite¨museum, the Chapultepec Ecological Park, the The Chapitel del Calvario, The Palace of Cortes, The Cuernavaca Cathedral, and many other museums, parks and monuments. 

With a population of 378,467 in the city proper, once you include the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca, in 2021 it boasts a  population of 1,091,000 and an impressive growth rate around 3% over the last two years.

In Cuernavaca you will find large malls with all the big stores you see in big cities.  When we were there we stopped by the mall but did not stay long because of the restrictions and procedures typical of many foreign owned businesses.

You can find Sam´s Club, Walmart and Home Depot.  McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, so if you are looking for a place with all the conveniences of a major City, you will want to put Cuernavaca on your list for considerations to move to.

From ancient ruins and architecture to modern conveniences, Cuernavaca gives you some of everything to keep you entertained.

When we went to the local markets we noticed that though there were procedures in place for entry, once you were inside, it was personal choice and very relaxed.

Technology square is the place to if you need to replace your computer or any electronics in Mexico. 

We had them build us a computer and we will tell you all about it including what we learned not to do in another video, so make sure you subscribe and ring the notification bell so you are notified when that video is released.